Eclectic Love

KENTUCKY HOMES & GARDENS - By Christina Noll - May/June 2016

More than just a light source, eclectic lamps can set the entire tone of a room.

When it comes to your home’s lighting, an easy way to give any room an extra spark of style is with an eclectic lamp or two. Click here to read more ...


Celebrating 30 Years of Functional Art

CHEVY CHASER MAGAZINE - By Rena Baer - January 2016

Mark Shawk figures there are two types of people in the world: those who turn lamps on and those who are turned on by lamps. Click here to read more ...

ChevyChaserFixIsIn Cover.jpg
Points of Illumination & Shade - Chevy Chaser.jpg

The Fix is In - A Guide to Repair

SMILEY PETE GUIDE TO REPAIR - By Robbie Clark July 2011

Since Mark Shawk has been making custom lamps for over 25 years through his business, The Lamp Place, knowing how to restore and repair lamps and other light fixtures, such as chandeliers, is inherent to his trade. Click here to read more ...

8mm Lamp Video

UK film professor's 8mm movie project. This was brought into The Lamp Place to be converted into a lamp. He wanted the projector's light and spool motor to still work in addition to being a lamp. Click here to see video ...