"One of Lexington's finest."

For over 30 years, The Lamp Place has offered quality lamps and fine lampshades. We carry an array of table lamps, floor lamps, and chandeliers for all of your home decorating needs.

We offer the finest selection of silks, linens, paper, and parchment shades in an assortment of sizes, shapes, and colors. Choose from our vast selection of finials to complete your lamp attire.

Our trained staff will help you choose the proper style and fit for your lamps and lampshades.

The Lamp Place offers lamp repair services as well as custom-made lamps.

Whether it is a beloved musical instrument, a fine vase, or a keepsake champagne bottle, bring in your cherished object and we will create a lamp. 

Our Story

Mark Shawk, Owner

Mark Shawk, Owner

Sometimes if you look back far enough you realize maybe your genes have had more influence on you than you realize. My grandmother, grandfather, father and mother have all influenced The Lamp Place at both the genetic level and physical level.

My grandmother, who passed away before I knew her, collected whale oil lamps. Her collection was of such historical significant it was donated to a museum on the east coast.

My grandfather restored and sold antiques. His house was an antique museum which he opened to the public on the weekends.

Both my father and mother were also involved in antiques and antique lighting. It turns out the roots of The Lamp Place can be traced back three generations both genetically and physically.